Fjairil provides sustainable, solid and reliable solutions that solve people's acute need for clean air.
We develop, make and sell clean air solutions to the B2B and B2C markets in all parts of the world, utilizing both in-house development as well as cooperation and partnerships with premium air solution providers.


Good air quality improves employee's health as well as productivity.
Knowing the quality of the air in the work-place helps identify corrective actions.


Data obtained from measurements can be used to continuously inform employees and stakeholders of the actual situation.


Knowing the air quality data, air cleaning devices and ventilation systems can be optimized to obtain a healthy and comfortable work-place and at the same time reduce energy consumption.

We also offer consultancy services related to business/product development in general and air purification in particular, ranging from technical know-how to strategic direction.

Currently, we are engaged in some high profile projects for global corporations.


For more information, contact Magnus Koch or Johan Skåntorp


Magnus Koch
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Johan Skåntorp
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